Food & Beverage Consulting


Hotel restaurants hold a competitive advantage over standalone restaurants. With existing parking, space and service infrastructure, as well as in-house marketing, sales, and network systems, hotel outlets are already one step ahead of local restaurants. However you need to understand where your property’s food and beverage positioning lies in the local marketplace and determine where the potentials are in savings and revenue growth. This is where our expertise lies.

Hotel operators should be looking at F&B as a revenue-driver of the portfolio; one that can provide significant cash flow (especially during off-peak times). By driving growth and visibility of food and beverage programs, you’ll capture guest traffic and build external perception outside of the property.

Capabilities Overview:
Most hotels change a few menu items or change the décor and expect to see revenues increase. We assess, evaluate and make 360-degree strategy recommendations to position you for long-term growth and improvement. We are a multi-functional team spanning catering and banquets to outlets and restaurants. By first evaluating the property from a macro level, pin pointing the areas of the business that need attention from a micro level.

Sample Services include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Food and Beverage Assessment
    • Restaurant/Bar Evaluation
    • Banquet & Catering Opportunities
    • Menu Engineering
    • Food & Labor Costs
  • Identifying opportunities in the Profit & Loss Statement
  • Local Comp-Set Analysis (Hotels & Independent Restaurants
  • Assessment of Purchasing and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Food Safety Audits
  • Bar/Wine/Mixology Programs
  • Front of House service programs and training
  • Back of House Efficiency Checks
  • Banquet & Catering Package Assessment/Development
  • Food & Beverage Marketing Programs
    • Local Promotion
    • Banquet/Catering Programs
    • In House Promotions
    • Restaurants
    • Events Services

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