Business Resource Management

Joy Thrash

Joy Thrash, President of BRM, LLC, has worked closely with small businesses to understand the needs and challenges they face and has helped them gain solutions that create a stronger organization to allow them to grow and prosper in any environment.

Joy served as the Founding Executive Director for the North Carolina Defense Business Association (NCDBA), a nonprofit organization created in 2009. She led the NCDBA to become a fully functioning organization and a professional trade association for the Defense Industry in North Carolina. As the Executive Director of the NCDBA she worked closely with companies in North Carolina to grow their presence in the Defense Industry, promote economic development in the defense cluster, and worked to support the needs of the military installations and military communities across the state.

She has worked closely with the military throughout her career. She has been recognized as an honorary member of the 82nd Airborne and has also participated in many activities that support the Service Members and Families of the Military.

Proud to be an advocate for the military, small business and nonprofits, Joy is active on many Boards that work to support civic organizations, military installations, Veterans, Military Families, and economic development & community efforts across the state. She continues to build her network that reaches small businesses, Congressional offices, Military Leadership, state and local officials, and community driven organizations.

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